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KATS History

The Kentucky Athletic Trainers Society (KATS) was organized in 1983 following passage of the Athletic Training Practice Act in 1978. The association is open to all athletic trainers practicing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Since it's inception, KATS has been actively involved in helping its members with issues related to athletic training and sports medicine. KATS also serves to forward the legislative interests for athletic training in Kentucky. KATS works to increase awareness and education of parents, coaches, officials and patients regarding issues related to athletic health care and work place wellness and health care.


Athletic Training

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. Students who want to become certified athletic trainers must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum. Accredited programs include formal instruction in areas such as injury/illness prevention, first aid and emergency care, assessment of injury/illness, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and nutrition. Classroom learning is enhanced through clinical education experiences. More than 70 percent of certified athletic trainers hold at least a master’s degree.



Full membership in KATS is open to all athletic trainers practicing in Kentucky. Other levels of membership are available for college and high school students with sponsorship from a certified athletic trainer. If you have paid NATA membership dues and have a Kentucky mailing address, you may already be a member of KATS. Please contact treasurer Dr. Eric Fuchs if you have any questions regarding this.

Please explore the website to learn more about KATS. If you would like to become involved in any KATS activities, please contact a member of our Executive Council. Additionally, if you would like to have KATS present or talk about the profession of athletic training or the impact an athletic trainer can make in your community, school or business, please contact a board member.

KATS members are identified by 1 of 4 regions previously determined by the executive board.  Each member is assigned to a region based on the county location of each person's respective employer.  To determine each county's assigned region, please review the region map.

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